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Studio Nikki, LLC offers a fully equipped Pilates studio with both traditional and contemporary apparatus. Practiced regularly, Pilates can not only enhance strength and flexibility but also circulation and breathing. Coordination and balance often improve and gains in bone density and joint health can be expected.



Take your fitness to a new level with Redcord. A suspension exercise utilizing body-weight as resistance, Redcord is useful for anyone who would like to improve their daily function. The exercises are used by therapists, athletes and ordinary people world-wide for rehabilitation, functional activity, injury prevention and performance training. Redcord training uses one's own body weight in slings to improve strength, muscular endurance, balance, coordination and core muscle stability.



Combining cardio, mind/body, core and total body strengthening, CoreAlign is a wonderful complement to Pilates. Many exercises are performed standing, bringing a functional aspect to training. It is an excellent form of exercise to improve balance, posture and strength.


Breast Cancer Rehabiliation


Certified Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Specialists can help you:


- Improve self confidence

- Regain strength and mobility

- Increase energy levels

- Help control weight

- Decrease stress and tension

- Enhance physical and mental                        



Studio Nikki, LLC is a Pilates studio offering a unique integration of Pilates, Redcord and CoreAlign. These complementary exercise methods offer an excellent approach to achieving your fitness goals.